Mark & Barbara Ward

Barb's Birdfeeders

Barb's Birdfeeders - featuring up cycled wine bottles made into birdseed feeders, hummingbird feeders, windchimes and lamps 

Marilyn & Neil Wallace

Emerald Farms

Emerald Farms - sells blueberries, figs, fig preserves, jams, applesauce, sconces, sweet breads, energy bars..

Kari Martin

Sweet Slice

Sweet Slice - sells whole cakes or slices, chocolate chip pound cake and red velvet cake, homemade pepper sauce

Lauren McClung

LM Unique

LM Unique - one of a kind jewelry - featuring earrings, bracelets and necklaces. American Girl doll jewelry too.

Jo Keith

Kangaroo Krafts

Kangaroo Krafts - epsom salt lotions, spa butter, paraffin candles, cold processed soaps

Cierra Fuller & Amber Harrison

CC's Waxy Wonders & Scrubbin' with Mama Llama

Featuring CC's Waxy Wonders - wax melts and Scrubbin' with Mama Llama's homemade sugar scrubs

Jo Fischer

Saskia Soaps

Saskia Soaps  - handmade soaps, vegan & palm free, goat milk soaps. Beautifully packaged and great for gifting.

Nancy Dunson

Artistry by Nancy

Artistry by Nancy - Acrylic poured one of a kind canvases, coaster, tumblers and jewelry. Nancy will also host Pouring parties!

Fern Bergeron

Fern's Market Items

Fern's Market Items - Homemade jams, jellies, pickles, salsa. 

Tahajnah Spence Ali

Inner G Soul Food

Inner G Soul food  - Enjoy cold pressed juice and immunity booster shots

Joseph Alford

Alford's Family Farm

Alford's Family Farm - Garden fresh produce - tomatoes, beans, kale, peppers, squash, onions, fruits

Shawna Bailes

KC Family Farm

Shawna sells goat milk lotions and soaps, quail & chicken eggs and garden produce.

Tami Weissert

Crave Cookie Co. Inc

Tami bakes delicious gourmet cookies and brownies. She also offers cake pops, jumbo cookies and dog treats on occasion. Crave Cookies is coming soon to 112 Main Street - opening this fall.

Daniel Holloway

Fresh Fried Pork Skins

Daniel fries up pork skins at Market and offers them in custom flavors! Customers love his fresh  fried pork skins.

Luther Beasley

Beasley's Gardens

Luther sells eggs, potatoes, okra, corn, tomatoes, watermelon, squash, cabbage and carrots. 

Patrick Bexton

Willowood Gardens

Willowood Gardens sells homegrown plants and planters, draped cloth vases, cut flower arrangements, honey, jellies, jams, baked goods, biscuits, green beans, squash, tomatoes, blue berries.

Malinda and Ed Brooks

Red Clay Farm

This brother and sister duo sell tomatoes, squash, okra, corn, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, butter beans, butter peas, cabbage, onions, greens, egg plant, canned goods and fried apple pies

Freita Browning

Freita's Fancies

Freita's Fancies - Homemade jams. jellies, cookies, cakes and masks! Fabulous selection!

Sharon Cowart

Shady Gardens

Shady Gardens - Sharon sells plants, flowers, shrubs, blueberries, herbs, birdhouses and soy candles 

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Willowood Garden

Patrick and Lisa and crew sell beautiful plants and cut flowers, already arranged for you to enjoy.

They also make and sell hypertufa and draped concrete containers each Saturday. 

Lisa is also a wiz at jelly and jam making as well as canning the bounty from Willowood Gardens for you to enjoy.

Joseph Alford

Alford's Family Farm

Joseph grows his produce in a hoop house so he has many items ready for sale before farmers that are growing in the garden. Lots of tomatoes!

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